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The Small Press Network’s Book of the Year (BOTY) Award is an annual award that highlights authorial and publishing excellence by small and independent publishers. Open to any book released by an SPN member during the previous calendar year, the BOTY award provides significant recognition and promotional opportunities to both publisher and author. The 2023 […]

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Guidelines for ethical publishing of Indigenous authors and stories

The following sets of guidelines from the Australia Council and the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) outline key considerations in the ethical publishing of Indigenous Australian writers: Protocols for producing Indigenous Australian writing (Australia Council) Guidelines for the ethical publishing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors and research from […]

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Commonly used acronyms and terms of the book industry Acknowledgement/sources: Publish It! (Thorpe-Bowker), Style Manual (Wiley), Australian Booksellers Association, Australian Publishers Association, Australian Copyright Council, American Publishers Association, student research/contribution. Additional contributions are welcomed. Not to be reproduced without written permission

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Content collection:
Book of the Year Award

21st November, 2023

In conversation with BOTY shortlisted author George Haddad

For a novel about violence, Losing Face is surprisingly tender. George Haddad is a writer with a talent for voice and place, vividly capturing the intensity of Western Sydney. Haddad uses layered intergenerational storytelling to demonstrate the complexity with which lives intertwine and unravel around a violent crime. He avoids delivering neat and easy answers but instead […]

In conversation with BOTY shortlisted author Jo Riccioni

The Branded (Pantera Press) is an addictive YA novel from Jo Riccioni. With captivating protagonists and an immersive landscape, this story is entirely devourable. It includes all of the best parts of YA – a treacherous journey, a dystopian societal structure, tests of loyalty, and just the perfect amount of desire. —BOTY 2023 judging panel We […]

1st November, 2023

In conversation with BOTY shortlisted author Sam Wallman

Our Members Be Unlimited by Sam Wallman is an immense achievement. Both a history of the union moment and a personal memoir of Wallman’s own experience of working as a picker at an Amazon warehouse, the personal is political and the political is intensely felt and personal. The graphic medium allows for dense information to be […]

14th April, 2023

Meet the 2023 BOTY Judges

We are very pleased to introduce our judges for the 2023 Book of the Year Award. While our inboxes begin filling with all the wonderful titles that our SPN member publishers have released, we thought you may like to get to know our judging panel for the year. Bec Kavanagh Bec Kavanagh is a writer, […]

Content collection:
Meet the Publisher

1st October, 2021

The Small Press Network Interviews: Terri-ann White, Upswell Publishing

As she prepares for her keynote speech for this year’s 2021 SPN Independent Publishing Conference workshop day, Terri-ann White speaks to Holly Hendry-Saunders on launching Perth-based publishing house Upswell Publishing during a pandemic.  Her life before Upswell’s inception White, a veteran in the book industry, began her career as a bookseller at eighteen, and at […]

14th December, 2015

Meet the Publisher: Duncan Felton, Grapple Publishing

When and how were you established? After many years of semi-organised pondering and planning, Grapple Publishing started late in 2013, making itself known to the world with a call-out for submissions to The Grapple Annual No. 1. At that point it was just me sitting at my computer with some ideas, some savings and a […]

17th August, 2015

MEET THE PUBLISHER – Lacuna Publishing

Linda Nix, Publisher and Editor, Lacuna When and how were you established? I have a long-standing fascination with how words and ideas are disseminated and become part of society’s cultural fabric. After years working in the industry, I realised my dream was to run a small press. In 2010 I set up a freelance editing, […]

16th June, 2015

Meet the Publisher – coeur de lion

When and how were you established? As with all good ideas, coeur de lion was born in a pub. The speculative fiction scene goes through boom and bust cycles and at the time there weren’t a lot of local independent presses catering to a sci-fi, horror, fantasy audience. Myself and fellow author Andrew Macrae were […]

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