Shawline Publishing Group (Victoria)

Anthologies (including short stories, essays, reviews, commentary)

Publishing just got smarter

We turn writers into good selling midlist authors so they may achieve a highly credible position in the global marketplace and be amongst the bestselling peers in the world…

Our agency provides the highest level of professional support to every author within our community. A niche model and one of the only hybrid publishing agencies that delivers greater potential of sales for your work through national and international distribution channels and at the highest royalty earning potential. We work on every facet and detail as we plan from the start for your success. We deliver the highest quality books at the most affordable pricing for our resellers to also benefit from the partnership with our company.

We are part of the Small Press Network (SPN) and work to ensure ethical and sustainable publishing practices are always to the highest of expectation. If you seek one of the best independent publishers of new authors and books in Australia, exclusively, then you have found them. Talk to us today and make your success even simpler than you first thought.

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