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Like you, we are authors of our own story. We love writing and seeing our work published…only we were frustrated by the cost and the time involved in promoting our own books…so we created everything we needed in one place for one lower cost than anything we could find anywhere.

We simplified the process and created mass marketing models that were affordable as a group, and that enhanced the individual and gained return on our efforts. We don’t create do-it-yourself videos, or charge for every small detail, or sign you up to courses and promises of 1000 sales…no, we just do it all for you so you can write..! Sounds good, right? Spend more time writing, as we love, without distraction of promotion or worrying about the sale of our books!

Even the most read-worthy authors have the right help by their side to make the magic happen! From James Patterson to Jeff Kinney, Dan Brown and Nora Roberts everyone has a wing-team working with them round the clock and helping them realise the unprecedented success.

This is a great reason to become an IndieAuthor…


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