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The Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH) was established in 2010 to address the severe housing crisis in Indigenous communities throughout Australia. Our work has since expanded to include education, health, justice, and cultural initiatives. Acknowledging Aborignal and Torres Strait Islander people have a living spiritual, cultural, familial, and social connection with the land, FISH seeks to bring healing to the spirit, heart, mind, body and land to help create healthy people and communities.

FISH does not believe change comes through ‘hand outs’, but by giving people a ‘hand up’ where Aboriginal people and non–Indignous people work hand-in-hand through innovation and enterprise to bring sustainable change.

FISH provides opportunities for Aboriginal people to share their wisdom and insights to the broader community, to teach people how to connect and are for each other and for the country, whilst closing the gap and breaking intergenerational cycles of trauma, poverty, and engagement with the justice system.

FISH Publishing was founded in 2022 as an extension of the work the foundation does in the creative space. FISH believes that creativity is critical to bringing about positive social change for Aboriginal people. Generations of Aboriginal artists and creative thinkers have used song, painting and other visual and written forms of art to share wisdom, raise awareness of oppression, inequality and injustice and to promote positive stories to bring about social change.

FISH Publishing works closely and collaboratively with our creators to facilitate the creative process in a clear and achievable way. By doing this, we are also training and empowering a core team of Indigenous staff to further assist others in the community on their creative journey. We are focused on producing authentic stories that engage in truth-telling as a part of the process of reconciliation.

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