Daisy Lane Publishing is a small, independent publishing press, based in Newcastle NSW, of quality children’s books, romance novels and books that inspire and educate people of all ages. We endeavour to create quality books, igniting curiosity and passion, creating a thirst for reading that keeps the story alive. Our aim is to support and showcase Australian authors and illustrators.
At Daisy Lane we love what we do and we hope to inspire you and your story to be the best that it can be. Take a look at why we are different and at our Assisted Publishing packages. Publishing your story can be very daunting, but we are here to help you and support you all the way through the process from conception to sales and thereafter. If your heart glows at your finished product, then so does ours.
From time to time we also offer traditional publishing. Early in 2019 we will be putting a call out for a poetry and short story anthology for publication in 2020.