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Some great businesses have started in home garages. Think Disney, Amazon and Google. Pantera Press sprang to life around the story-loving Green family’s kitchen table because their garage was full.  We view the so-called ‘slush pile’ of Australian unsolicited manuscripts differently. To us, it’s a valuable resource, an underexplored diamond mine. When we started, we felt that if everyone’s supposed ‘to have a book in them’, Australia must be bursting with 22 million stories, many of them gems waiting to be discovered, polished and set for readers to enjoy! As well as publishing great stories, we aim to contribute to the wider community, hence our unique ‘good books doing good things’ approach.  Pantera Press has grown so fast since our start that we’ve had to quit the kitchen table for a real office, but at least our board table sports a ping pong net. Having released our first titles in 2010 (in print and in e-books), we were short-listed in 2013 and 2014 for the Australian Book Industry’s Small Publisher of the Year Award. We’ve been developing a stable of talented new authors writing gripping tales getting rave reviews, and assembled a team of seasoned industry professionals from some of the biggest names in publishing, such as editors and designers and our distribution partners at Simon & Schuster.  Pantera Press is all about great storytelling. One story to tell you about is our mantra of good books doing good things. Its three elements are key to why we’re different:  – good books… welcoming, discovering & nurturing new storytelling talents, writers of stories that readers can rave about  – doing… how we’re playing a different publishing game… for more, explore our website.  – good things… the 4 philanthropic areas we’re putting our money & efforts into – closing the literacy gap for the next generation of readers – the joys of reading – quality writing – fostering ideas & debate.

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