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This website provides a range of answers to common questions. Some of the MOST frequently asked questions are below. If you do contact us, please be aware that our office is staffed only on Wednesdays and Fridays and we may not always be able to reply.

The answer to your query may be below:

Q: I need distribution advice, can you help?
A: The Small Press Network (SPN) is developing a distribution option for members. If you have any feedback on your distribution experiences that would help our distribution committee, please email details to

SPN cannot offer distribution advice to publishers or writers, however SPN members can access our online members-only forum to discuss issues such as distribution with other SPN members. (See ‘I want to join SPN, can I?’ below for SPN membership information.)

Q: I’m a writer looking to be published/I am looking for a publisher, can you help?
A: The Small Press Network (SPN) does not publish books; it is a membership organisation for book and journal publishers. If you are seeking publication of your work, the best thing to do is to search our members list (see the ‘members’ section of this website) by genre and by whether the publisher accepts unsolicited manuscripts. You can then contact any appropriate publishers directly. Alternatively, you can find resources for writers from state-based writing organisations.

Q: I’m looking for work experience, does SPN offer this? Or internships?
A: The Small Press Network (SPN) does not offer work experience. If you are looking for a work experience placement you can search our members list (see the ‘members’ section of this website)  for a publishing company in your state and approach them directly to see if they have any work experience opportunities. SPN does offer some annual internships as part of our annual Independent Publishing Conference – these internships run from June to November each year and are advertised on our website and via social media.

Q: I want to join SPN, can I?
A: Yes! Anyone can join the Small Press Network (SPN) as an associate member online here.

To join as a full member, you will need to be approved by the SPN board. You will need to show that you publish books by more than one author and that you abide by our code of conduct. You can apply for full membership online here.

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