Melliodora Publishing (Victoria)

Genre Fiction (romance, fantasy/sci-fi, crime)

Melliodora Publishing is a small, specialist publisher dedicated to producing a limited range of books and other media on permaculture and related topics. We publish a range of genres with the aim of supporting individuals in their personal permaculture journeys. Our focus is on publishing the work of David Holmgren, co-originator of permaculture and co-owner of Melliodora Publishing, but we also publish a select range of other authors.

We are guided by the permaculture ethics in each step of the book creation and distribution process, through practices such as:
– preferencing printing with owner-operated businesses in Australia rather than globalised corporations
– providing a ‘fair share’ return to authors, illustrators, editors and other creative contributors
– minimising adverse environmental impacts of the whole book creation, including printing, logistics and marketing chain
– bypassing the traditional gatekeepers of the publishing industry, and working outside the monopolistic distribution and marketing systems of the online conglomerates
– using profits from financially successful projects to subsidise projects that reflect permaculture ethics and design principles.


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