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18th August, 2023

Meet Associate Producer Cai Bardsley

Hello, I’m Cai (they/them), a writer and editor studying at RMIT University. Lucky for me, I get to be part of the team delivering this year’s Independent Publishing Conference. I grew up on the Mid North Coast of NSW on the beautiful bush lands of the Gumbaynggir People. After school I traded the warmth, rivers […]

22nd August, 2022

Meet Associate Producer Fiona Wallace

My name’s Fiona (she/her) and I’m one of the new Associate Producers for the 2022 Independent Publishing Conference.

20th August, 2022

Meet Associate Producer Carla Di Maggio

I’m Carla (she/they) and I am so excited to be working with SPN as an Associate Producer for the IPC 2022!

27th August, 2021

Meet Associate Producer Cordelia Egerton-Warburton

Hello friends! My name is Cordelia, and I am SPN’s Operations Associate Producer for the 2021 Independent Publishing Conference. I’m so excited to be a part of this year’s team and I can’t wait to jump in!

Meet Conference Co-ordinator Chloe Hogan-Weihmann

Hi, I’m Chloe! I’ll be the Conference Co-ordinator for 2021. If you speak to me in person, you may recognise the dulcet tones of a Canadian accent. It’s true, I come from way up north, where the lumberjacks leap from tree to tree as they float down the mighty maple syrup rivers of British Columbia. […]

Meet Associate Producer Holly Hendry-Saunders

Hello! I am Holly, one of the Associate Producers for the 2021 Independent Publishing Conference. I’m from Adelaide and moved to Melbourne two months ago to pursue my passion for publishing. I drove over in my trusty hatchback containing all my possessions (mainly books), unsure of what I was getting myself into, knowing only a […]

25th July, 2019

Introducing: Associate Producer Vidisha Srinivasan

Hi! I am Vidisha, one of the Associate Producers at the Independent Publishing Conference 2019. I’m originally from Mumbai in India—the land of Bollywood, bullock carts and spicy food —and a series of overdue decisions saw me land in Melbourne on a cold July morning last year. I had bid adieu (temporarily) to my friends, […]

22nd July, 2019

Introducing: Associate Producer Rachael Mason

Hey!  I’m Rachael and I am one of the Associate Producers for the 2019 Independent Publishing Conference. As a prospective digital publishing MA student at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, this will be my first professional expedition into the world of publishing. I couldn’t be happier to be learning the ropes and connecting with […]

19th July, 2019

Introducing: Associate Producer Bridget Black

Hi there! My name is Bridget Black and I’m one of the Associate Producers for the 2019 Independent Publishing Conference. I’m currently completing a Master of Writing and Publishing at RMIT, having previously graduated with a Bachelor of Music at Monash University (on the odd occasion, you still can catch me playing the saxophone!). The […]

12th September, 2018

Introducing: Associate Producer Ellen Stephens

In the lead up to the 2018 Independent Publishing Conference, I am excited to be assisting the network that advocates for diverse and independent publishing. The books published by members of the Small Press Network have fuelled my imagination and inspired me to pursue a career in publishing.  Before coming to the conclusion that publishing […]

14th June, 2017

Opportunity: Associate Producer Internship Program

After its success last year, we are again running our Associate Producer internship program to support the delivery of this November’s Independent Publishing Conference. Our Associate Producers work closely with Conference Manager Sarah Jansen and SPN General Manager Matthia Dempsey to deliver the 2017 conference and MUBAs. There are three positions available; all are voluntary. The program is designed […]

3rd November, 2016

Introducing: Associate Producer Katherine Hernandez

Katherine is one of SPN’s five Associate Producers working on the Independent Publishing Conference this year. She is managing The Rag and Scribble Salon at Embiggen Books, which takes place at the end of Student Day. Hi, my name is Katherine. I used to introduce myself as K, but shortly after I moved to Australia for the […]

17th October, 2016

Introducing: Associate Producer Helen MacLeod

Helen is one of SPN’s five Associate Producers working on the Independent Publishing Conference this year. She is managing the Trade Day among other responsibilities. Find out a little about her below and book your tickets now to see her handiwork and meet her in person. Hi, my name is Helen. My Twitter bio says that […]

26th September, 2016

Introducing Linh Nguyen, Associate Producer

Hi, I’m Linh Nguyen, one of the Associate Producer Interns for the Small Press Network Conference. At the moment I’m in my last semester at Monash University, studying Comparative and International Literature. Once I graduate, I plan on finally getting my drivers licence, finally learning how ride a bike (yes, I know), and – hopefully […]

12th September, 2016

Introducing: Associate Producer Tegan Lyon

Hi, the person you have called is not available. Please leave a short ten second message after the tone and your message will be sent as a text. Beep. Hi guys, I’m Tegan and I spend about a third of my week on the phone, listening to the above automatic message. As any creative writing […]

1st September, 2016

Introducing our Conference Associate Producers

This year for the first time SPN has Associate Producers on board for the Independent Publishing Conference. Over the next few weeks, they will be introducing themselves here. First up is Nicole McKenzie, who is working on several events within the Conference. Being a good person (and a good intern) Hi I’m Nicole! I have […]

4th July, 2016

Opportunity: associate producer internship program

This year SPN is running an Associate Producer internship program as part of the Independent Publishing Conference. The program is designed for people with enormous passion and drive who would like to gain practical experience in arts management, particularly those who want to complete a placement as part of an academic or vocational course. There […]

14th August, 2015

Starting Small

You there! Want to crack the oldest game in town? The Book Trade, I say! Step right up! Publishing is not an easy industry to get a start in. Sometimes it seems like there’s either a feast or famine in the job market, and for entry level positions it’s a particularly ravenous existence. This is where internships help. […]

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