25th July, 2019

Introducing: Associate Producer Vidisha Srinivasan

Hi! I am Vidisha, one of the Associate Producers at the Independent Publishing Conference 2019.

I’m originally from Mumbai in India—the land of Bollywood, bullock carts and spicy food —and a series of overdue decisions saw me land in Melbourne on a cold July morning last year. I had bid adieu (temporarily) to my friends, family and a career as a media professional to pursue a Master in Publishing and Communication at the University of Melbourne.

Going back to student life after working can be quite perplexing. I found myself craving workplace structure while gleefully indulging in midday sprawls on uni lawns. I also discovered bubble tea and tested the limits of the Free Tram Zone. But more importantly, with every passing day I immersed myself in a world that I had secretly wanted to be a part since the age of seven; since Enid Blyton introduced me to The Adventures of Mr Pink-Whistle.

Over five years, I have survived ad taglines as a copywriter, put my imagination through the wringer with scriptwriting, and discovered an aptitude for copyediting and project management at the lifestyle magazine GQ India. The Independent Publishing Conference marks my first formal venture into Australian publishing; last year I was a general volunteer who realised the importance of coffee runs. 

In my spare time, you will find me volunteering in the book section of an op-shop, petting friendly dogs on the streets or consuming endless Netflix content.

If you chance upon a bespectacled human with a messy bun updo (my general events vibe) at the conference, ignore my expression of perpetual preoccupation and come say hi! Or just catch me on LinkedIn.

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