A photo of Cai against a cream coloured wall. They have white skin and a dark brown mullet hair cut. Cai is wearing a white T-shirt with a grey image on it and is smiling slightly with a relaxed posture.
18th August, 2023

Meet Associate Producer Cai Bardsley

Hello, I’m Cai (they/them), a writer and editor studying at RMIT University. Lucky for me, I get to be part of the team delivering this year’s Independent Publishing Conference. I grew up on the Mid North Coast of NSW on the beautiful bush lands of the Gumbaynggir People.

After school I traded the warmth, rivers and beaches for the cold grit of Melbourne and all its music and literary scene had to offer. I was the 2022 student adviser at Editors Victoria, helping to organise and run online events for editing students and providing a point of access to the professional side of publishing. Currently, I am researching diversity in the Australian publishing industry. Specifically, what opportunities exist for gender diverse individuals and what changes can be made in the future.

When my head is not in assessments, event planning or book reading – all accompanied by my loyal, feline daughter, Rune, a mischievous bundle of torditude – I can be found playing guitar in the sun, questing with my Dungeons and Dragons party, or adventuring back up north to spend time exploring the bush.

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