17th October, 2016

Introducing: Associate Producer Helen MacLeod

Helen is one of SPN’s five Associate Producers working on the Independent Publishing Conference this year. She is managing the Trade Day among other responsibilities. Find out a little about her below and book your tickets now to see her handiwork and meet her in person.

Hi, my name is Helen. My Twitter bio says that I’m a ‘writer, editor, parent, partner, gardener, friend – in no particular order of importance, they all happen at once’ and that about sums me up.

I’m  in my final year of studying professional writing and editing at RMIT, but before that I worked in hospitality (like all good Arts students should). With my heart-partner, I’ve owned a general store/cafe/occasional art gallery in the country and a shoebox-sized breakfast-and-lunch bar in the big smoke. We liked serving up good music, broad-ranging conversations and the odd dash of counselling alongside home-style baking and really good coffee. We both had a talent for turning customer service into performance art, ably assisted by our motley crew of multi-talented employees.

Two piles of The EWF Gazette with the headline 'Orlando & Queer Freedom'
By Tom Wilson www.instagram.com/thetomthing

Going back to uni to study has been another form of soul food. Not only have I learned new skills and made new friends, I’ve also been involved in some amazing projects. As part of the last two Emerging Writers’ Festivals, I’ve helped to produce a book in nine days and a daily newspaper, the EWF Gazette. I was also part of the editorial team for the 2015 Visible Ink anthology and I’m working on another anthology and a guidebook for RMIT PWE’s Clover Press at the moment.

I guess, at heart, I’m a maker and that’s why I love publishing so much. Food and good times are ephemeral, but a book lasts forever.

I’m also very fond of a good road-trip. That could be because I’m from WA and getting anywhere in the west requires a looong drive. (The photo is ‘Breakfast on the other side of the Nullarbor’, from way back when we decided to move east. I haven’t changed much – but the baby in the background is now a LOT bigger.)

Looking forward to meeting you at the Conference!

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