27th August, 2021

Meet Associate Producer Holly Hendry-Saunders

Holly Hendry-Saunders

Hello! I am Holly, one of the Associate Producers for the 2021 Independent Publishing Conference.

I’m from Adelaide and moved to Melbourne two months ago to pursue my passion for publishing. I drove over in my trusty hatchback containing all my possessions (mainly books), unsure of what I was getting myself into, knowing only a couple of people and having little knowledge of the city itself. I took the chance to move here to undertake the Master of Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne to broaden my skills and open myself up to opportunities such as this internship.

My time here has been challenging to say the least. The first week I was confronted by the harsh cold, the anxiety-inducing road rules (I’m still unsure exactly what a hook turn is) and a lockdown announcement on the second day. It hasn’t been easy sailing, but I’ve managed to use this time to make full use of the beautiful Merri Creek trail, read my recent purchases from Brunswick Bound, rediscover my love for painting, oh, and fit some uni work in there as well.

I discovered my interest in the book publishing industry during my Bachelor of Media at the University of Adelaide. I have always been an avid reader and found great solace in literature and storytelling. I enjoyed studying an array of texts from classics to post-modern in my English literature electives and enjoyed all types of works, from Dickens to DeLillo and knew that I wanted to pursue a career that included books. 

My degree focused on marketing, public relations and digital promotion. I realised how exciting it could be to blend both marketing and my love for literature together. I was able to learn more about the two when I interned at MidnightSun Publishing. I worked as the marketing and public relations coordinator and had a great time helping authors promote their books during the uncertain time of COVID-19. 

I’m interested in how technology can help facilitate the book industry. The last two years have shown us that the internet can connect readers, writers and publishers all over the world, even from our homes. I’m excited to be a part of this team and can’t wait to continue my journey in publishing.

If you would like to know more about me, you can find me on LinkedIn. I will be posting about the upcoming conference and other publishing-related things!

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