3rd November, 2016

Introducing: Associate Producer Katherine Hernandez

Katherine is one of SPN’s five Associate Producers working on the Independent Publishing Conference this year. She is managing The Rag and Scribble Salon at Embiggen Books, which takes place at the end of Student Day.

Hi, my name is Katherine. I used to introduce myself as K, but shortly after I moved to Australia for the first time in 2010 I switched to the more formal Katherine. You see, at work, grocery stores and even at parks, I kept getting told I sounded about 12. So I practiced my grown-up voice and rebranded myself as Katherine and now people take me seriously.

I’ve recently completed the final assessments and exam for my Master of Urban Planning and Environment degree at RMIT. So naturally, I am relieved, feeling uncertain about the future, and watching more TV. Did you see this week’s episode of First Dates? It was both uncomfortable and fantastic. I couldn’t look away.

Can't look away

Prior to this career change, I spent some time working in the entertainment industry booking gigs and local tours, arranging everyone’s schedule, coordinating an annual short film festival, and pitching ideas to people with money (and no money, too). The job often required me to say things like, “I’m with the band” and “This quote is exclusive of GST.” It was a fantastic job, but the hours were at odds with sleep.

Outside of the Salon and school, you can find me teaching hula, listening to jazz, and trying to FaceTime with my dogs back home in Hawai’i. I’m also passionate about inclusive arts and cultural spaces and therefore could not be more excited to be working on this Conference in The Wheeler Centre.

You can tweet me at @KatherineBH or visit my Instagram @katerobot.

See you at The Rag and Scribble Salon!

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