Chloe Hogan-Weihmann
27th August, 2021

Meet Conference Co-ordinator Chloe Hogan-Weihmann

Small Publishing Network | Chloe Hogan-Weihmann

Hi, I’m Chloe! I’ll be the Conference Co-ordinator for 2021.

If you speak to me in person, you may recognise the dulcet tones of a Canadian accent. It’s true, I come from way up north, where the lumberjacks leap from tree to tree as they float down the mighty maple syrup rivers of British Columbia.

After completing my undergrad in English & Communications and gaining some work experience in government and in the tech sector, I left my home on Vancouver Island to embark on a backpacking adventure. In 2019, I settled in Melbourne, a magical land where the winters are warmer than most springs I’ve experienced. (Before you ask, the coldest temperature I’ve ever felt was -50°C with windchill, and it was about as pleasant as you’d imagine.)

I’m incredibly excited to be starting my Master in Publishing & Communications at the University of Melbourne. I’ve always loved to read, but after I built a custom Google Sheet last year to meticulously track every book I finish (complete with genre, sub-genre, sub-sub-genre, and so on), I figured it was time I seriously pursued my passion for the written word and found my way into the publishing industry.

Difficult as it may be to believe, I do also have interests that don’t involve books. Sometimes I write stuff, which occasionally places in contests and sometimes gets published in literary journals. And when I’m not attending uni (because, hey, I have to sleep), I love to learn languages. I speak pretty good French and pretty OK German. Thanks to the persistent Duolingo owl, I’ve also learned a few words of Russian, which I use predominantly to tell my cat he is small.

Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Instagram if you want to talk about SPN, the upcoming conference, or just have a chat about books!

(P.S. My cat is called Wilkie. He is orange, his nose is pink, and he is маленький и очень глупый. He is the light of my life.)

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