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16th May, 2016

Exciting new mentorship opportunity

The Small Press Network (SPN) is excited to offer a new year-long mentorship opportunity to Victorian members.   The mentorship program will match six Victoria-based SPN members with six established publishing professionals for a year-long mentoring relationship that will culminate in the launch of a publication (electronic or print) at the Melbourne Writers Festival.   […]

Job opportunity at SPN

The Small Press Network (SPN) seeks to appoint an experienced event organiser, ideally with knowledge of the publishing industry, to prepare the 2016 Independent Publishing Conference, to be held 9 to 12 November at the Wheeler Centre.   The role will be one day a week commencing early June and will report to SPN’s general […]

19th April, 2016

Small publishers produce twice as much ‘Australian literature’ as the major publishers

A new paper, ‘Small Publishers and the Emerging Network of Australian Literary Prosumption’, in the Australian Humanities Review, by former Small Press Network president Emmett Stinson, has found that ‘large publishers are no longer the primary mediators of Australian literature’. Stinson’s survey of 2012 titles demonstrates that small publishers UQP, Puncher & Wattman, Giramondo, UWA […]

An Evening With …

Three speakers — a great night!

26th February, 2016

The Orchid Nursery shortlisted for Norma K Hemming award

Lacuna Publishing congratulates Louise Katz on “The Orchid Nursery” being shortlisted for the 2016 Norma K Hemming award.

19th February, 2016

Author and publisher, almost strangers, embark on a month-long odyssey to the exotic South Atlantic island of Lanzarote

After a twenty-six year absence, author Isobel Blackthorn returns to the
volcanic desert island of Lanzarote to promote her novel, The Drago
Tree, accompanied by her publisher, Michelle Lovi at Odyssey Books.
The island used to be Isobel’s home, and after two decades working and
rearing her children, she’s created her own way of going back. Although
she admits the adventure wouldn’t be happening without her publisher.

9th February, 2016

Disruption and Innovation in the Australian Book Industry

An Australian-first study by Macquarie University of the country’s book publishing industry reveals considerable innovation in response to the digital disruption that has resulted in a significant drop in onshore book sales. The initial research phase of the study involved participation from SPN members Pantera Press, Spinifex Press, Pitt Street Poetry, Overland, Re.Press, Kids’ Own […]

Noted Festival 2016 Independent Publishing Fair

In 2016, Noted Festival will host an independent publishing fair made up of writers, readers, publishers, presses, self-publishers, illustrators, zinesters, artists, comics-makers, distros, music labels – anything published and independent! What do we mean by published and independent? Anything in between ‘stapling it together on your bedroom floor’ and ‘a self-published print run only marginally […]

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Book of the Year Award

9th January, 2024

In conversation with BOTY winning editors Leah Jing McIntosh and Adolfo Aranjuez

Against Disappearance: Essays on Memory (Pantera Press) is exactly the kind of invigorating non-fiction that small, risk-taking publications like Liminal, excel at. It is a physically beautiful collection, presented with an understated sophistication that reflects those same qualities in the works. Edited by Leah Jing McIntosh and Adolofo Aranjuez, this collection brings together writers from across […]

18th December, 2023

In conversation with BOTY shortlisted author Nornie Bero

Mabu Mabu (Hardie Grant Books) is an intricately crafted cookbook that melds together a perfect balance of memoir and recipe. In between stunning graphics and mouth-watering recipes, Nornie Bero recounts how her upbringing fostered a love for food and explores the deep connection between culture, identity and food. —BOTY 2023 judging panel We were lucky enough […]

In conversation with BOTY shortlisted author Andrew Sutherland

Paradise (Point of Transmission) (Fremantle Press) is beautifully layered collection of poems that explores the realities of a HIV diagnosis on home, community and freedom. It complex but inviting, an act of generosity and transformation. In his first poetry collection Andrew Sutherland simultaneously captures the stigma of a HIV-positive identity and the deep love of Queer community. […]

21st November, 2023

In conversation with BOTY shortlisted author George Haddad

For a novel about violence, Losing Face is surprisingly tender. George Haddad is a writer with a talent for voice and place, vividly capturing the intensity of Western Sydney. Haddad uses layered intergenerational storytelling to demonstrate the complexity with which lives intertwine and unravel around a violent crime. He avoids delivering neat and easy answers but instead […]

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Meet the Publisher

1st October, 2021

The Small Press Network Interviews: Terri-ann White, Upswell Publishing

As she prepares for her keynote speech for this year’s 2021 SPN Independent Publishing Conference workshop day, Terri-ann White speaks to Holly Hendry-Saunders on launching Perth-based publishing house Upswell Publishing during a pandemic.  Her life before Upswell’s inception White, a veteran in the book industry, began her career as a bookseller at eighteen, and at […]

14th December, 2015

Meet the Publisher: Duncan Felton, Grapple Publishing

When and how were you established? After many years of semi-organised pondering and planning, Grapple Publishing started late in 2013, making itself known to the world with a call-out for submissions to The Grapple Annual No. 1. At that point it was just me sitting at my computer with some ideas, some savings and a […]

17th August, 2015

MEET THE PUBLISHER – Lacuna Publishing

Linda Nix, Publisher and Editor, Lacuna When and how were you established? I have a long-standing fascination with how words and ideas are disseminated and become part of society’s cultural fabric. After years working in the industry, I realised my dream was to run a small press. In 2010 I set up a freelance editing, […]

16th June, 2015

Meet the Publisher – coeur de lion

When and how were you established? As with all good ideas, coeur de lion was born in a pub. The speculative fiction scene goes through boom and bust cycles and at the time there weren’t a lot of local independent presses catering to a sci-fi, horror, fantasy audience. Myself and fellow author Andrew Macrae were […]

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