9th February, 2016

Noted Festival 2016 Independent Publishing Fair

In 2016, Noted Festival will host an independent publishing fair made up of writers, readers, publishers, presses, self-publishers, illustrators, zinesters, artists, comics-makers, distros, music labels – anything published and independent!

What do we mean by published and independent?

Anything in between ‘stapling it together on your bedroom floor’ and ‘a self-published print run only marginally smaller than 50 Shades of Grey’ If your name is Penguin Random House or Rupert Murdoch, or if you have a subsidiary and a tax haven, you probably don’t qualify. In short, we welcome independently published work and we welcome enquiries from anyone looking to test that definition (you mass-produce earrings made of rolled up haikus written on toilet paper? Please try us).

Beyond that, if you love zines, books, journals, comics, artworks, words, stories, poems, writings, pictures, letters, punctuation, spaces, paragraphs, paper, staples and/or scribbles, you should come along and take home an armful of published indie goodness!

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