19th February, 2016

Author and publisher, almost strangers, embark on a month-long odyssey to the exotic South Atlantic island of Lanzarote

The Drago Tree depicts the story of geologist Ann Salter. Haunted by
demons past and present, Ann seeks sanctuary on Lanzarote. There she
meets charismatic author Richard Parry and indigenous potter Domingo,
and together they explore the island. Ann’s encounters with the island’s
hidden treasures becomes a journey deep inside herself as she struggles
to understand who she was, who she is, and who she wants to be. Set
against a panoramic backdrop of dramatic island landscapes and
Spanish colonial history, The Drago Tree is an intriguing tale of
betrayal, conquest and love in all its forms.

In writing The Drago Tree, Isobel engaged in extensive historical and
geological research, most of it online. Her conviction that Lanzarote
was special was confirmed when she found that in 1993 UNESCO had
declared the island a biosphere reserve. But she never thought she’d
have the chance to return.

‘It’s as if the spirit of Ann Salter has entered my being,’ she says. ‘I’ve a
packed itinerary of sites of interest. Many of them places Ann has
already visited.’ She feels privileged to be travelling with her publisher.
‘The Drago Tree has inspired me to travel to a place I’d never heard of
before, with an author I hadn’t yet met in person,’ says Michelle. ‘It’s
going to be quite an adventure!’

Isobel and Michelle will be blogging their experiences. Follow their
blog from 28 February at www.isobelblackthorn.com.

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