A photo of Em Collings. Em has shoulder-length brown hair, a silver earring, a grey top and pink shaded glasses. Em is smiling at something outside of the photo.
18th August, 2023

Meet Associate Producer Em Collings

Hello! I’m a second-year student in RMIT’s Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing. In high school I studied a range of IT and STEM subjects but have found myself drawn more and more to both the written and spoken word. I studied a Cert 3 of IDMT (Information Digital Media and Technology) as well as a studying music in year 12. For the past two years I have been focusing on writing and editing. I was lucky enough to have an opportunity as a mentee with GamesHub last year.

As well as university I spend a lot of time reading: at the moment I’m working my way through classic gothic literature. I started with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla. I have a wider interest in fantasy and sci-fi. I have a love for the ocean, specifically the Kraken. The Kraken is also my favourite cryptid.

Currently I live in the western suburbs of Melbourne and have a gorgeous old dog named Daisy, a Labrador-kelpie cross. There are also the hens that live down the back of the garden, though they remain unnamed and largely unkind.

I’m thrilled to be working on ticketing and design for the Independent Publishing Conference this year.

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