Tag: Independent Publishing Conference 2023

17th December, 2023

Independent bookshops sponsor the 2023 Book of the Year (BOTY) Award

The Small Press Network’s Book of the Year (BOTY) Award is an annual award that highlights authorial and publishing excellence by small and independent publishers. Open to any book released by an SPN member during the previous calendar year, the BOTY Award provides significant recognition and promotional opportunities to both publisher and author. A huge […]

7th November, 2023

Frankfurt report from Pantera Press

Pantera Press has been attending the Frankfurt Book Fair since our earliest days, with our first visit back in 2010 with a limited list of books and an even more limited meeting schedule! Nowadays, it is considered an essential part of our Rights strategy, with a full schedule of meetings across four days and an […]

18th August, 2023

Meet Conference Guest Sandra Phillips

Dr Sandra Phillips will give the keynote address on Thursday’s Research Day,  on ‘Indigenous and community writing, reading and publishing’. Sandra is Wakka Wakka and was raised on the Country of her family’s ancestors, she is also proudly Gooreng Gooreng. These First Nations are in the jurisdiction now known as Queensland. Sandra does research in […]

Meet Conference Guest Mike Shatzkin

Mike Shatzkin has had a 60-year (so far) career in the book publishing business, starting on the sales floor of Brentano’s 5th Avenue bookstore in 1962. Starting in the early 1990s, he was one of the industry’s thought leaders on ‘digital change’, including the purchasing of books online (then in its infancy) and in digital (ebook) versions […]

Meet Associate Producer Em Collings

Hello! I’m a second-year student in RMIT’s Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing. In high school I studied a range of IT and STEM subjects but have found myself drawn more and more to both the written and spoken word. I studied a Cert 3 of IDMT (Information Digital Media and Technology) as well […]

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