7th November, 2023

SPN endorses IpEd guide to working with freelance editors

SPN is pleased to endorse and recommend a new set of guidelines published by the Institute of Professional Editors (IpEd) on best practices for publishers when working with freelance editors.

The guide sets out some basic principles, both professional and ethical, so both parties can approach the project with a clear understanding of what is required and build a strong working relationship from the start.

The guide ensures you are both familiar with the process for:

● agreeing on the work

● defining the scope of work

● varying the agreement

● communicating with each other

● providing supporting documents

● paying for the work

● dealing with disputes.

Click here to view and download the full guide as a PDF.

You can find IpED’s Find an Editor service at https://www.iped-editors.org/find-an-editor/


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