17th November, 2022

Rebecca Johinke

Rebecca Johinke’s work is wide ranging and interdisciplinary, but it is based in Australian literary and film studies with a strong focus on gender and popular culture. She has published many articles and chapters on Ozploitation films and on magazines. Her interests also include life writing (memoir and autofiction) and creative nonfiction. Another major interest is street narratives (from masculine car cultures to street cultures more generally), and she is interested in psychogeography and the flâneur. Her first book about Australian magazine editors and about disruption of the media and traditional magazine journalism, entitled Queens of Print, was published by Australian Scholarly Publishing in 2019. Her most recent journal articles have appeared in AntipodesStudies in Higher EducationPersona StudiesThe Journal of Popular Culture, Journalism Studies, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, The Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia, Tourist Studies and TEXT.


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