5th June, 2013

Meet the publisher: STEPHEN MINCHIN from Steam Press (NZ)


(Editor note: we LOVE this photo!)

Steam Press is … a publisher of New Zealand science fiction, fantasy, and horror that is determined to give local authors a viable market for their work, and make that work available to the world.

Stephen Minchin is… Drinking far too much coffee.

When was the last time you were lost in a book? This morning, on the train – The Future is Japanese, from Haikasoru

Why did you become a publisher? When I studied publishing I realised that no New Zealand publisher had any interest in the genres I like. It seemed that the most sensible solution to this was to start my own company. I guess the shorter answer is “Because I didn’t think it through.”

Three skills every independent publisher needs are… The ability to function on a lack of sleep, to keep your spouse happy while you bleed the mortgage dry, and to spot the proverbial diamond in the rough.

What is the most exciting thing about your job? Reading submissions and suddenly finding yourself reading a novel that has the spark you’ve been looking for.

What are the biggest challenges facing independent publishers/your company at the moment? Financial viability – no question at all there. Our books have been reviewed really well, and according to all the publishers I know our sales have been pretty good for New Zealand in the present market, but we’re still far from breaking even.

Screen VS Page? Screen. Printed books still have a place, but the vast majority of people I know who’ve bought themselves an iPad, Kindle, or whatever are loving it and won’t go back.

When I’m not busy publishing fantastic New Zealand writing you can find me… Running in the hills around Wellington, skiving off to go rock climbing, or in my basement brewing beer 😀

(Editor note: we look forward to many more NZ publishers becoming members, joining in on our services and networking across the Tasman!)

Originally published 5 June  2013

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