Emma Kellaway
27th August, 2021

Meet Associate Producer Emma Kellaway

Emma Kellaway

Hi all. As an Associate Producer for the 2021 Independent Publishing Conference, I’d like to introduce myself. I typically respond to Emma or Em! I study Master of International Relations (IR) and Journalism at Monash University.

You may be wondering how an IR student found herself here but the truth is I have a long-standing passion for books and am keen to transfer my skills as a journalist into working in the publishing industry. I still have a keen interest in world politics if you are ever looking to spark up a conversation.

Like many people living in Melbourne, I am not a local. I grew up on Larrakia land in Darwin, NT. Every now and then my northern accent comes through, especially if you get me excited talking about camping and fishing. Since living in Melbourne I have embraced the latte art lifestyle working as your local barista by day and craft beer pourer by night. Lately, I have taken a step back from hospo to focus on gaining more relevant work experience—not to say yarning with customers isn’t totally relevant to being a journalist. I now work as a reporter and weekly book reviewer for MOJO News.

For this year’s conference, I am excited to take on the predominant role of ‘journalist’ dealing with much of the written content our team produces. If you are anyone who’s anyone you can expect me to be sniffing around asking questions and picking your brains—all for the good cause of showcasing the talents and expertise of the Small Press Network. I look forward to immersing myself in the interconnected space that is the independent publishing industry and getting to know as many of you as I can in the process. In the meantime, you can find me on Linkedin.

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