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16th April, 2021

How to find an editor using the IPEd editors directory

The Editors Directory is a searchable list of freelance editors who are professional members of the Institute of Professional Editors.

You can search for an editor who offers the services you need and has expertise in the subject(s) you are writing about. The search function also enables you to search for editors who can work in languages other than English or have experience working with authors from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The keyword search is the easiest way to find what you need. It does not enable you to search for full phrases, so if you enter ‘international freelance’, entries containing either of the words ‘international’ or ‘freelance’ will be returned. For example, the text ‘… I have international experience …’ and the text ‘… I am a freelance editor …’ would both match.

If you are seeking a specific editor, use the ‘Editor’s Name’ box. The word(s) you type in will be matched with text anywhere in their name, including post-nominals. The search is not case sensitive. So a search for ‘John’ in ‘Editor’s Name’ will find both ‘John Smith’ and ‘Mary Johnson’; a search for ‘PhD’ will find editors with the post-nominal ‘PhD’ and any with ‘phd’ in their names.

Some editors specialise in particular types of editing, while others are generalists. Descriptions of the services and specialities an editor may offer are on the Find an editor page.

Many editors work electronically and take clients from around the world. You can restrict the branch of the editor you want to work with. If you select multiple services (for example, proofreading, copyediting and substantive editing) the list will include only those members who offer all those services.

The results listing is not ranked in any way – an entry either matches your search criteria or it does not. The order is randomised daily to avoid benefiting members whose name appears early in the alphabet.

See also how to brief an editor.

People included in the directory are professional members of IPEd who have provided information about themselves. IPEd publishes the information in good faith and with due care, but cannot offer recommendations or guarantee a particular editor will be suitable for a particular task. If you plan to hire a freelance editor, IPEd encourages you to ask for examples of previous work and check references.

IPEd conference

If you are an editor or want to keep up to date with all the latest in editing, the IPEd 2021 conference is coming up in June.

Editing on the Edges will be held online.

Click here for more details.


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