Month: August 2015

28th August, 2015

Marketing Whatever You Have to Market: Price | Linda Carlson

In partnership with the US Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), SPN is proud to present a series of articles on the ‘four Ps’ of marketing  and how you can apply them as independent book publishers. This, the second article in the series, is about ‘price’. The references are American, but the ideas are global. Enjoy! No matter what you’re marketing—print […]

27th August, 2015

A New Appointment at Margaret River Press

We are delighted to announce that Laurie Steed has been employed as Project Manager at Margaret River Press…

17th August, 2015

MEET THE PUBLISHER – Lacuna Publishing

Linda Nix, Publisher and Editor, Lacuna When and how were you established? I have a long-standing fascination with how words and ideas are disseminated and become part of society’s cultural fabric. After years working in the industry, I realised my dream was to run a small press. In 2010 I set up a freelance editing, […]

14th August, 2015

Fremantle Press launches new website

Fremantle Press launched a new e-commerce website in August. The website has been revamped to include specific sections for teachers and book clubs, while making it easier for customers to engage with authors.

Starting Small

You there! Want to crack the oldest game in town? The Book Trade, I say! Step right up! Publishing is not an easy industry to get a start in. Sometimes it seems like there’s either a feast or famine in the job market, and for entry level positions it’s a particularly ravenous existence. This is where internships help. […]

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