Year: 2013

12th November, 2013

Sinking independents into libraries | Pepi Ronalds

There’s a quote on the Internet that is attributed to Virginia Woolf. ‘I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure,’ it reads. In order to find its source I paste the full quote into a search box, held together by inverted commas. ‘Did you mean: “I ransack public libraries, and find them […]

7th November, 2013

On being underrated (the MUBA) | Pepi Ronalds

For Christmas last year Wayne Macauley’s partner gave him a t-shirt printed with the words Most Underrated 2012. ‘I don’t wear it out that often but it’s a beautiful thing,’ Macauley quips. The t-shirt is a reference to last year’s inaugural Most Underrated Book Award (MUBA) which Macauley won for his novel The Cook. ‘[The […]

25th July, 2013

Robert Galbraith Didn’t Sell. Why is Anyone Surprised? | Keiran Rogers

This article was originally published on 25 July 2013 on the ‘Books + Publishing’ website. Join up for all the news and publishing discussions you need. The Cuckoo’s Calling achieved mediocre sales before it was revealed bestselling author JK Rowling was the actual author ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling reminds me why I fell in love with crime […]

5th June, 2013

Meet the publisher: STEPHEN MINCHIN from Steam Press (NZ)

(Editor note: we LOVE this photo!) Steam Press is … a publisher of New Zealand science fiction, fantasy, and horror that is determined to give local authors a viable market for their work, and make that work available to the world. Stephen Minchin is… Drinking far too much coffee. When was the last time you […]

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