Independent Publishing Conference, 21–23 November 2019

The 2019 Independent Publishing Conference will be held at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne from Thursday 21 to Saturday 23 November 2019.

Details will be uploaded here as the program is developed.

The Independent Publishing Conference is generously supported by Copyright Agency.

21 November 2019Industry Research Day

Academics and researchers from across Australia will present papers on a range of topics responding to the theme the Sites of Publishing.

Scholarly engagement with the contemporary publishing industry has long grappled with the systems, regulations and institutions that shape the production and reception of books.

Place, space and publishing are intrinsically interlinked. Paradigms such as ‘imagined communities’ (Andersen) and the ‘world republic of letters’ (Casanova) have played major roles in shaping contemporary research into publishing. Bourdieu’s literary field—another key influence—uses spatial relation as a conceptual organiser for relations of cultural power. And despite the supposedly stateless, disembodied nature of digital interactions with culture, national boundaries persist as both pragmatic jurisdictional demarcations of the industry, and as intellectual organisers for scholarly studies, in the instance of collections such as A History of the Book in America, The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, and The Edinburgh History of the Book in Scotland.

We seek papers that engage with the sites of publishing: that identify the places where publishing activities occur and the role of these places on practice. In what ways do the sites of publishing, and publishing’s myriad associated activities, influence the creation, discussion and celebration of literary texts? Is the dual temporality of local and global that defines post-digital publishing practice changing the way that we, as researchers and practitioners, understand the traditional sites of publishing?

Follow the link below to download the call for papers. Abstracts are due by Friday 28 June. 


22 November 2019Trade Day

Featuring panels on the most important topics for publishing businesses today.

23 November 2019Fundamentals of Publishing Day

An excellent introduction for aspiring and newer publishers, and self-publishers.

21 November 2019Most Underrated Book Award

The 2019 Most Underrated Book Award will be presented on Thursday 21 November.