Industry Research Day 2019

November 21, 2019

Academics and researchers from across Australia will present papers on a range of topics responding to the theme the Sites of Publishing.

Scholarly engagement with the contemporary publishing industry has long grappled with the systems, regulations and institutions that shape the production and reception of books.

Place, space and publishing are intrinsically interlinked. Paradigms such as ‘imagined communities’ (Andersen) and the ‘world republic of letters’ (Casanova) have played major roles in shaping contemporary research into publishing. Bourdieu’s literary field—another key influence—uses spatial relation as a conceptual organiser for relations of cultural power. And despite the supposedly stateless, disembodied nature of digital interactions with culture, national boundaries persist as both pragmatic jurisdictional demarcations of the industry, and as intellectual organisers for scholarly studies, in the instance of collections such as A History of the Book in America, The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, and The Edinburgh History of the Book in Scotland.

We seek papers that engage with the sites of publishing: that identify the places where publishing activities occur and the role of these places on practice. In what ways do the sites of publishing, and publishing’s myriad associated activities, influence the creation, discussion and celebration of literary texts? Is the dual temporality of local and global that defines post-digital publishing practice changing the way that we, as researchers and practitioners, understand the traditional sites of publishing?

Follow the link below to download the call for papers. Abstracts are due by Friday 28 June.



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Add to Calendar 2019-11-21 09:00:00 2019-11-21 17:00:00 Australia/Melbourne Industry Research Day 2019

Academics and researchers from across Australia will present papers on a range of topics responding to the theme the Sites of Publishing.

  • 8:15am

    • Performance spaceArrival

  • 8:45am

    • Performance spaceWelcome

      Millicent Weber and Alexandra Dane

  • 9:00am

    • Performance spaceDisrupting expectations

      Emmett Stinson (Deakin University)
      ‘Self-publishing highbrow literature’


      Alexandra Dane (University of Melbourne) 
      ‘The politics of eligibility and the laws of literary prizes’


      Beth Driscoll (University of Melbourne)
      ‘Actions and reactions at the cardboard Frankfurt Buchmesse’

    • Workshop spacePublishers' obligations

      Alexandra Payne (University of Queensland Press; Queensland University of Technology)
      ‘The lawlessness of publishers’


      Sybil Nolan (University of Melbourne)
      ‘The culture of the institution influencing the Grattan Street Press list: Who is the first audience for a start-up press?’


      Sophie Masson (University of New England)
      ‘Signing on the dotted line: the lived experience of publishing contracts’

    • SLV conference space'Open Your Eyes' disability awareness training

      Please note, this session runs from 9.30am to 1pm in the State Library of Victoria Conference Space.

      Jax Jacki Brown

      Presented in partnership with Writers Victoria and Arts Access Victoria

      Writers Victoria and Arts Access Victoria are thrilled to offer disability awareness training tailored specifically to the publishing industry at the heavily subsidised rate
      of $25 (over 80% discount).

      The training will cover:

      • Best practice language
      • The Social Model of Disability
      • Barriers to participation and how the arts can ‘open doors’
      • Knowing your organisation’s legal obligations
      • The creative case for inclusion, beyond compliance

      Our facilitators are artists with disability, skilled at using their creative talents to illuminate complex issues around access and inclusion.

      This training will equip you with the skills and tools to engage confidently with people with disability to create environments of equality and authentic

      Spaces are limited so booking is essential.


      This training is supported by The State Library of Victoria.


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