Template: Title costing

You can use this Excel spreadsheet template as a guide when costing your titles.

Kieran Rogers from Affirm, who prepared the template for the Independent Publishing Conference writes:

‘I have tried to add as many costs as I could think of for ease – if any aren’t relevant just leave them as zero. Once your work out your RRP, approximate sales, your discount off the RRP you will give to retailers and added your costs, the spreadsheet will automatically tell you what gross profit you stand to make.’

The cells highlighted green and yellow include formulas to calculate costs automatically. The formula bar shows what formula is in each cell. For example, the formula in cell B10 is =(B7*B8)*(1-B9) ‘which is essentially RRP less GST (B7) multiplied by sales (B8) less the retailer average discount in B9’, explains Rogers. ‘Use = to start any formula. The * means multiplied, / is divided by and + and – are exactly that.’

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