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Alex Adsett Literary is a publishing consultancy offering commercial contract and negotiating advice to authors and publishers. For publishers, Alex Adsett Literary can provide the services of a skilled inhouse contracts manager – preparing and negotiating author contracts, translation and UK or US sublicensing contracts, all subsidiary rights deals, book-to-film contracts and more. Any independent publisher who does not have a dedicated contracts department can benefit from Alex Adsett Literary’s expert advice.

The following two offers are available:

  1. Hourly consultation rate reduced from $130 to $120 for SPN members only.
  2. Strategy consultations via Zoom are regularly priced at $59/15 minutes or $219/60 minutes. SPN members can book an initial 30 minutes strategy session for the 15-minute fee of $59, effectively a 50% discount.

Important Disclaimer: Please note, Alex Adsett Literary does not provide legal advice or the services of a solicitor. It does provide commercial publishing business and contract advice based on Alex Adsett’s publishing experience and training

About Alex Adsett Literary

Alex Adsett is a consultant and literary agent offering publishing contract and negotiating advice to authors and publishers. She has almost twenty-five years’ experience working in the publishing and bookselling industry in London and Australia and has managed Alex Adsett Literary (formerly Alex Adsett Publishing Services) since 2008. Alex has worked for Simon & Schuster in London, Penguin in Melbourne and Wiley in Brisbane, and many independent publishers in a freelance capacity. She regularly delivers seminars on copyright and publishing contracts around Australia, and has served on various NFP literary boards including Small Press Network and Queensland Writers Centre. She is often to be found on twitter at @alexadsett or skulking around bookshops.

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