Download MUBA entry form 2019

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. MUBA is open to print or electronic products published by members of the Small Press Network for the first time in the 2018 calendar year.
  2. Each member of the Small Press Network may only submit one book to the prize. If an organisation has different publications or imprints subscribed to SPN as separate memberships they are each eligible for one entry.
  3. Any publications across any genre are eligible for the prize as long as they were produced for commercial distribution – free products, B2B publications or member-only subscription products are not eligible.
  4. Journals and serialised products are eligible, but only single editions can be submitted and these will be judged as stand-alone products under the same criteria as other individual products and not as part of a suite of publications.
  5. Publications must not have been published previously by another publisher. Significantly revised works that have been previously published must have at least 50% new content to be considered a ‘new’ publication. If a work is a compilation there must be at least 50% new content from a previous publication in which the compiled works appeared.
  6. Books published only in ebook form can be entered. However, printed copies of the manuscript must be available on request for judging purposes.
  7. Entries must be in English. Bilingual editions are eligible, as are books first published in another language and then translated into English and first published in English during the eligibility period.
  8. A completed entry form must be submitted online and three copies of the entered book must be post-marked by 5.00pm on Monday 1 April 2019. Ebook copies of the book must also be made available if the book is digital only.
  9. If the book is shortlisted for the MUBA, up to ten additional print copies of the book may be requested for promotional purposes. Any more gratis copies than this would be supplied at a publisher’s discretion.
  10. Publishers and authors of the shortlisted titles must agree to being involved in the promotional campaign for the award. This may include, but is not limited to, media interviews and publicity opportunities associated with the award, discounted promotions of shortlisted books through various sales channels, and appearance at promotional events.
  11. Attendance at the MUBA Awards event on Thursday 21 November 2019 in Melbourne is not compulsory but is recommended and is at the publisher’s expense.