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16th October, 2020

2020 Independent Publishing Conference: 26 & 27 November

INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING CONFERENCE, 26–27 NOVEMBER 2020 The 2020 Independent Publishing Conference will be held entirely online on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November 2020. This will be the ninth consecutive year for the conference, the only annual industry-wide event for the book publishing sector in Australia. Ticket sales are now live at https://www.trybooking.com/BMBCB. There are deep […]

8th October, 2020


Hello! My name is Sophia, and I’m honoured to be the Operations Associate Producer for the Independent Publishing Conference for 2020. I’ll be helping to oversee the production of this year’s online conference, and working on the delivery of SPN’s 2020 Book of the Year Award.  I grew up in Sydney and moved to Melbourne […]

25th September, 2020

Meet Associate Producer Gladys Serugga

Hi! I am Gladys, and I’m one of the Associate Producers at the Independent Publishing Conference 2020. I was born and raised in Perth and moved to Melbourne to fulfil a childhood dream of mine, that is to write (and explore of course, but to write nonetheless). Growing up, I would religiously borrow books from my […]

13th July, 2020

Online Opportunity: Associate Producer

This year the Small Press Network is running an Associate Producer internship program as part of the Independent Publishing Conference. As this year’s conference will be held online for the first time, the Associate Producers will also be working entirely online. The program is designed for people with enormous passion and drive who would like […]

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