28th October, 2018

MUBA18 Spotlight: ‘Plane Tree Drive’ by Lynette Washington

MidnightSun-Lynnette Washington-Plane Tree Drive
Credit: MidnightSun

Plane Tree Drive by Lynette Washington is the next book to feature in our 2018 Most Underrated Book Award shortlist spotlights.

Lynette Washington’s Plane Tree Drive is a collection of short stories, each providing a glimpse into the lives of the residents of Plane Tree Drive. Themes of isolation and connection colour the interwoven stories of Jennifer, Alice, Faraj and Maurice, as they navigate the humorous and heartbreaking realities of suburban life.

From the judges:

‘The collection opens the door on the private hopes and fears of the characters, some of whom intersect, some of whom do not. Children are born, marriages fail, friendship is extended to newcomers. Some of the stories are just a page in length, others are longer. They are told from first, second and third person; there’s a story told as a Venn diagram and another, purely dialogue between two characters. It is an inventive way to keep the reader interested in the lives of these disparate characters and as a result, a dynamic portrait of this fictional but thoroughly recognisable neighbourhood.’

Lynette Washington
Credit: Supplied

Lynette Washington lives in Adelaide and is a short story editor and author. She has taught creative and professional writing, and is currently a professional writing instructor at the South Australian Police Academy. Her editing work includes the story collection Breaking Beauty (2014) and Crush (2017, co-editor); Plane Tree Drive is her debut collection of short stories.

‘Being recognised in the MUBA award is so thrilling! I couldn’t be happier that my little book has been shortlisted and I look forward to reading the work of the other shortlisted writers. Thanks to all at the SPN for highlighting the work of small publishers.’

  • The 2018 Most Underrated Book Award (sponsored by the Australian Booksellers Association) will be presented by Louise Swinn on the evening of Thursday, 22 November 2018, during the SPN’s Independent Publishing Conference. This free event will be hosted by the Wheeler Centre. Bookings can be made here.
  • For more information about Plane Tree Drive visit MidnightSun Publishing.
  • Visit Lynette Washington’s website here.

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