Workshops, children and charity.

Boogie Books is a small press supporting the Child Writes Program.  Students (aged between 9-12) participate in workshop delivery of the program over 16 weeks, learning everything about children’ picture books, from the development of an idea, through all the writing stages, to fully rendered illustrations having used professional tools for planning.  Once the children have graduated from the program, they are eligible to submit their books to Boogie Books for consideration for publication.    Established in 2003 initially to support titles written and illustrated by Emma, the focus evolved in 2005.  From 2005 and including titles published this year, 2014, the number of titles published is now over 320.  This is only the print version.  There are also PDF eBook and .mobi versions of each book.    Boogie Books hosts a national competition for primary school aged writers and illustrators – this year’s competition being the second.  Last years winners are currently in production for their books.  Three titles will be launched in November this year, from the 2013 winners.  Boogie Books distributes through and is the world’s largest publisher on Amazon of children’s picture books written by children.  The children have their books included in Jetstar’s inflight entertainment.   Boogie Books also published the award winning title ‘Child Writes: Creating a Children’s Picture Book is Child’s Play’ written by Emma Mactaggart, which is distributed by The Australian Book Group.   It also has a history of charitable publishing, for example; in support of NAPCAN ‘Lily Fabourama, Glamourama’ 2004, supporting a Child Protection Week Anthology in 2006 and a collection of short stories for a local writers group, Toowoomba Wordsmiths in 2012.  This year Boogie Books provided consulting for Condamine Alliance for the production of ‘Finnley’s Great Escape’.