3rd October, 2018

Introducing Associate Producer Meg Kerr


My name is Meg and I am the least important but best-looking Associate Producer working on this year’s Independent Publishing Conference. 

To give a small introduction, I am a current sufferer in the Masters of Publishing and Communications at Melbourne University. When I am not visibly decrying my life choices on campus, I am also engaged with the Publishing Student’s Society, helping to edit and design our own end of year publication. I also work as an Editor and Writer at Port Phillip Publishing. This position helps to fund my wine and true-crime habit. I have often been described as procrastinate, perfectionist and emotionally dependent on coffee.

My love of literature began in school when I was accidentally enrolled into the wrong English class. Since that surprisingly energetic introduction to the best and worst of literary fiction, I have been following the path towards publishing as a career. I’m excited to find myself in the SPN team supporting the same people and publications who have influenced me over the years.

You may find me on Twitter if you enjoy politically savvy retweets, or you can follow us on the SPN Facebook page for updates on the conference. If you’re keen to meet me and my team of sparkly co-producers, then I urge everyone to drop by for the conference from the 22nd – 24th November. 


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