19th September, 2018

Introducing: Associate Producer Jessica Harvie

Hi there, my name is Jessica Harvie and I’m one of the Associate Producers for the Independent Publishing Conference for 2018.

I’m really excited to return to the publishing arena with the conference. I worked in student media during my undergraduate degree, and since then I’ve worked in mental health, hospitality and communications, so I’m looking forward to getting back to my roots and core passion.

I’m finishing my Masters in Publishing and Communications at the moment, and daylighting (a play on moonlighting, geddit?) in communications for a community health organisation. I’ve volunteered with the conference before as a general usher-volunteer, and am really excited to get into the backend of producing such an interesting event this year as an Associate Producer!

I’m a daily fixture at my local library, and I have more overdue fines than I am willing to admit. I grew up in regional Victoria, and after 5 years I still find the hustle and bustle of Melbourne intoxicating.

I’m a judge for the Aurealis Awards this year, so in my spare time I read a lot of science fiction. I’m a big fan of public transport as unstructured reading time. I also enjoy eating things, and once failed at making Gnocchi.

I’ll be the one in a jumpsuit with a water bottle glued to my hand come conference time, so come and say hi!

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