26th September, 2018

Introducing Associate Producer Coral Huckstep

In February this year I traded in my life in Perth for a new one in Melbourne. The reason for this huge and somewhat terrifying move to the other side of the country? To study the Master of Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne. 

It’s been around six years since I was a student but I’ve found myself easily settling back into a life that largely involves waving my student card for discounts at every available opportunity and feeling guilty for reading anything that hasn’t been prescribed for a class.

Uprooting to a new place in which you feel completely anonymous is not a usual experience for many people and I’ve come to realise it’s an experience I may never have again. The initial bubble of feelings I had when I arrived – a concoction of trepidation and excitement because every day carried an uncertainty – quickly dissipated as I familiarised myself with new places, people and routines. I still have much to learn and discover about Melbourne, but I’ve been surprised at how easy it has been to feel at home here.

Starting an internship is not unlike this process. You walk through the office door on your first day feeling both daunted and excited because you know barely anything but you want to learn everything. After a while, you realise how far you’ve come. This is my first journey into the publishing industry and I am most looking forward to the travelling with the Small Press Network into the unknown.

You can follow Coral on Twitter @CoralVictori

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