An excellent introduction for aspiring and newer publishers, and self-publishers.

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Saturday 18 November 2017

  • 8:15AM

    • Performance SpaceCoffee and Registration

  • 8:45am

    • Performance SpaceWelcome

  • 9:00am

    • Performance SpaceGetting Down to Business

      Alex Adsett (Alex Adsett Publishing Services), Tracy O’Shaughnessy (RMIT)

      Start your publishing business right, with legal and contract advice from a highly experienced publishing consultant and literary agent and an educator and trade publisher with over 20 years’ experience.

    • Workshop SpaceHuman Reference Books

      Arrive early so you can book your 10-minute ‘date’ with an industry professional. First in, first served in this popular session.

      Confirmed ‘reference books’ include Rosanna Arciuli (Copyright Agency), Deborah Lee (Ingram Lightning Source), Gary Copeland (ONIX and TitlePage expert), Tracy O’Shaughnessy (RMIT), Joel Becker (Australian Booksellers Association) and Bianca Whiteley (Nielsen BookScan).

  • 9:45am

    • Performance SpaceThe Distribution Dilemma

      Deborah Lee (Ingram Lightning Source), Danielle Dowell (Magabala Books), Dennis Jones (Dennis Jones & Associates), Chair: Tim Coronel (University of Melbourne)

      You spoke, we listened: distribution is a key concern for indie publishers. For many, securing a distributor is difficult. And even if you do, you may feel like your titles end up at the bottom of a rep’s very long list. So how can you get your books out there? Is a distributor right for you? And if you have one, what is your side of the distribution bargain?

  • 10:30am

    • Morning Tea

  • 11:00am

    • Performance SpaceRights, Permissions, Licensing

      Rosanna Arciuli (Copyright Agency), Alex Adsett (Alex Adsett Publishing Services), Chair: Michael Webster (RMIT)

      Ebooks, audio, licenses, international sales. Most publishers understand the importance of selling their books, but what about all the other income streams out there? Find out where else your earnings should be coming from.

    • Workshop SpacePossible Funding for Publishers

      Gregory Crocetti (Scale Free Network), Nicola Evans (Copyright Agency), Chair:Linh Thùy Nguyễn (Emerging Writers Festival) 

      From crowd-funding an individual title, to applying for grants for big literary ideas – it may pay to do a bit of research if you’re a writer or publisher hoping to make something happen with a little help from friends … or funding bodies!

  • 11:45am

    • Performance SpaceThe Nitty Gritty of Metadata

      Gary Pengelly (Thorpe-Bowker), Bianca Whiteley (Nielsen BookScan), Gary Copeland (ONIX and TitlePage expert), Chair: Tim Coronel (University of Melbourne)

      Bring your laptops and spend some dedicated time getting your metadata in order – while hearing how you can make the most of it at each stage of your book’s life.

    • Workshop SpaceWorkflows for Publishers

      Aaron Mannion (Vignette Press), Sam Cooney (The Lifted Brow)

      It starts in a garret and ends up on a shelf, but how do you get from manuscript to book? Learn the stages, tools and sticking points of book publishing – with an emphasis on working with online collaborators.

  • 12:30pm

    • Lunch

  • 1:45pm

    • Performance SpaceWhen Book Covers Go Wrong

      Regine Abos (Studio Regina)

      We’ve asked Australian Book Designers Association committee member, designer and lecturer Regine Abos, to create a really bad book cover. Let her explanation of what’s wrong with it educate you a little on good cover design – and the value of a good designer!

  • 2:30pm

    • Performance SpaceFive Things I Wish I’d Known

      Karen Andrews (Miscellaneous Press), Sam Cooney (The Lifted Brow), Annie Hall (Three Kookaburras), Chair: Aaron Mannion (Small Press Network)

      In a short, sharp format, some of the Small Press Network’s inaugural mentees will give us the top five most important things they learned during their year-long Small Press Network mentorships.

      The Small Press Network Mentorship Program is supported by Creative Victoria.

    • Workshop SpaceIngram Workshop: Going Digital - The POD Advantage

      Deborah Lee (Ingram) 

      Topics will include:

      • Ingram overview
      • Self-publishing – shifting the focus from publisher to author
      • Investing in your book – DIY or self-publishing services
      • Covering all bases – print, PoD and ebook platforms
      • Developing an Author Platform and the all-important marketing plan
      • Why metadata matters in a digital environment
      • Creating bestsellers: fluke or flair?
      • Q&A
  • 3:30pm

    • Afternoon Tea

  • 3:45pm

    • Performance SpaceMarketing: Niche to Mainstream

      Kirstin Corcoran (Bonnier Publishing), Anna Esposito (Alphabet Communications), Chair: Nicole McKenzie (Affirm Press) 

      From social to mainstream media marketing – no matter your medium, the right strategy and lead times make all the difference. Find out how to get your books noticed.

  • 4:30pm

    • Performance SpaceHow to Win (Bookseller) Friends and Influence Librarians

      Michael Earp (The Younger Sun), Christine Mackenzie (Public Libraries of Victoria Network), Chair: Lefa Singleton Norton (Women in Literary Arts Australia)

      Booksellers and librarians are important for all publishers—but they are especially important for small publishers. With smaller marketing budgets, independent publishers rely on the word of mouth that booksellers and librarians can create. Find out what they want from you. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.