These Frequently Asked Questions and their answers are supplied to help you understand SPN. We deal with many questions from many different types of people and hopefully this resource will answer some of your questions. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

What is SPN?

The Small Press Network (SPN) is the representative body for small and independent publishers in Australia. We are a not-for-profit organisation based in Melbourne that promotes independent publishing and supports the principle of diversity within the publishing industry as a vital component of literary culture. We facilitate collaborative initiatives, networking opportunities, and general communication between small and independent publishers.

Where is SPN based?

SPN is based at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. From here we support the activities of publishers across Australia and have members in every state and territory.

Who does SPN work with?

Although SPN’s activities are focused on supporting our members, who are all publishers, we work with a wide range of industry bodies and literary organisations. These include writers’ organisations, literary festivals, booksellers, readers and our international equivalents. Together we help create the best possible culture in which small and independent publishers can grow.

I want to support SPN. How can I get involved?

The best way to support SPN is to become a paid up Associate and help us to keep doing what we’re doing! You can also support our members directly by buying and reading their books, starting a book club, volunteering with them, keeping up to date with our news or attending events. Click here to find out what’s happening.

What is the Most Underrated Book Award?

The Most Underrated Book Award (MUBA) is an annual prize awarded to a book published by one of our members. It is awarded to a book published in the previous calendar year that deserves more recognition than it has received. The winner is announced at an event as part of our Independent Publishing Conference.

What is the SPN Conference?

The annual Independent Publishing Conference is the best conference available for small and independent publishers in Australia. Held over two days it brings together academia and industry to discuss cutting edge research and opportunities for the publishing sector. You can find out more and register here.

I'm not an SPN member, can I still attend the conference?

Of course! The conference is held annually, usually in November, and tickets go on sale a few months beforehand. There are discounts for SPN members and for students/concession-holders to ensure the conference is as affordable and accessible as possible, and absolutely everyone is welcome to come. Keep checking back here for more information on conferences future and past.

I’m a publisher. Can I become a SPN member?

SPN offers two levels of membership, full and associate, both of which will enable you to promote your work, connect to other members and offer ways of engaging with the public. Full membership is open only to publishers who meet the required criteria, but anyone can be an associate and get access to a number of SPN benefits! You can join here.

I’m a self-publisher. Can I become a SPN member?

SPN offers two levels of membership. The associate level is open to self-publishers and membership means you will gain access to resources that will help promote your work, connect you to other members and offer ways of engaging with the public. Full membership is reserved for publishers functioning as a business and which meet the required criteria. You can join here.

I'm a self-published writer and I want some advice on how to distribute my book.

This is one of our most common questions – SPN can’t offer advice about distribution, but the best place for you to find more information about this is on our ‘Ask the Community‘ forum. This forum is open to all paid members and associates and the questions are answered by peers who are working in this area and can tell you what they do!

I’m a writer. Can SPN publish my manuscript?

SPN is not a publisher. If you are interested in publishing your manuscript please contact one of our members directly. Our membership directory will list if a publisher accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Alternatively, you can find resources for writers from state-based writing organisations.

I’m a reader. Can I buy books at SPN?

SPN is not a bookstore. Some of our members do sell direct to the public and you can access their books from their websites. Have a look at our membership directory for information about them and links to their sites.

Does SPN have any jobs available?

At present SPN is not looking for staff. We do, from time-to-time, have interning opportunities available. Keep an eye on this website and our social media!