Transportation Press publish illuminating Tasmanian literature. We connect with people on our island’s shores and with far away lands, to seek out and inspire writing that is effulgent and courageous.

It started with a story that arrested the attention of an editor trawling through submissions on a flight back home to Tasmania. The story was written by a most singular London based Tasmanian. From there, an unexpected international connection was made between an editor and a writer, both hungry to instigate a project of substance.

A flurry of emails and Facebook messenging followed.

More inspired connections were made and before we knew it, there was a Tasmanian editor, a UK editor, a web editor, a girl Friday to run all those important errands, and a collection of excellent writers who had joined the Transportation team.

Soon we were crowdfunding our first publication, Islands and Cities: a collection of short stories from Tasmania and London.

Once we started, it was very clear, there were more publications and projects to come.