The Australian Society of Authors is the professional association for Australia’s literary creators. The ASA:

  • sets minimum rates of pay and conditions for writers and illustrators;
  • publishes books, contracts and papers for emerging and established authors;
  • maintains a trust fund to defend the rights of copyright holders;
  • lobbies governments at all levels to promote authors and illustrators’ professional interests in areas such as copyright, moral rights, and taxation;
  • represents its membership to policy-making bodies, and on the boards of copyright collecting and lending rights agencies;
  • works with arts organisations, booksellers, publishers, writers’ centres and literary agents on campaigns and research projects;
  • coordinates special interest groups for children’s writers and illustrators, academics, Indigenous writers, isolated writers and translators;
  • conducts and contributes to research on issues concerning Australian literary creators;
  • assists members through its Benevolent Fund.