First established in January 2015, Aulexic is the publishing house of West Australian author Rebecca Laffar-Smith. As a mother and teacher, Rebecca knew the challenge of trying to find engaging books for struggling readers that were fun and interest-driven rather than age- or ability-appropriate. Because the truth is, a ten-year-old struggling reader may have six-year-old-ability coupled with twelve-year-old interests. Trying to find those middle-ground books that introduce language in a way that children of all ages would be receptive to but that do not condescend, belittle, or dumb-down the reading process was frustrating.

As part of the homeschooling journey with her son, a child diagnosed with acute dyslexia, specific language impairment, and autism spectrum disorder, Rebecca created a learning program that involved collaborative story telling. From that, Bec J. Smith was born and the P.I. Penguin series was developed. This series was the start of an imprint, and an idea, one that would crystalise into a mission to bring a growing range of dyslexia- and disability-friendly books to children around the world.