12 November 2016

An excellent introduction for newer publishers and a refresher for more established publishers, this day is core for anyone wanting to get a better understanding of the challenges of working in the Australian publishing industry.

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Keynote Address

Karen AndrewsPublisher, writer, editor, podcaster

Karen Andrews is the creator of one of the most established and well-respected parenting blogs in Australia. She is also an author, award-winning writer, poet, editor and publisher at Miscellaneous Press. This year she is also undertaking a mentorship through SPN’s new year-long program.

Her latest book is Crying in the Car: Reflections on Life and Motherhood.

Fundamentals Day

  • 8:15am

    • Performance SpaceArrival

  • 8:45am

    • Performance SpaceWelcome

  • 9:00am

    • Workshop SpaceHuman Reference Books

      Rachel Bin Salleh, Patricia Genat, Alan Vaarwerk, Guy Betts, Adrian Briones, Lefa Singleton-Norton, Carrick Wilkie, Keira de Hoog and Hannah Cartmel

      While the conference sessions are going on in the Performance Space, upstairs in the Workshop Space, the Human Reference Books – people with different industry experience — will be offering advice to conference attendees on the topic of starting up a small press.

      Attendees will be able to book a 15-minute spot with a Human Reference Book at the beginning of the day, using the very high-tech method of writing their name in a timeslot next to the Human Reference Book’s Name. There will be five time slots with each Reference Book.

    • Performance SpaceNuts and Bolts of Business Set-Up

      Suzy Wood

      What better way to kick start Fundamentals Day than with a beginner’s guide to setting up your business? Suzy will walk attendees through the key steps necessary to establish your new press. Everything from finding a location, tracking your costs and operational planning.

  • 9:30am

    • Performance SpaceLegal Foundations

      Alex Adsett

      Set yourself up with some canny advice from publishing consultant and literary agent, Alex Adsett, to ensure you don’t land in a legal black hole.

  • 10:00am

    • Performance SpaceThe Business Admin Side of Publishing

      Keiran Rogers, Tracy O’Shaughnessy, a representative of the Office of the Small Business Commissioner

      Referring to your journal or press as a “business” may slay the dream a little, but this practical advice from publishers and a case worker from the offices of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner on all things admin is essential viewing for first-time publishers.

  • 10:30am

    • Morning tea

  • 10:45am

    • Performance SpaceBusiness Planning

      Joel Naoum, Jane Curry, Debbie Lee

      Joel Naoum, founder of the recently launched Critical Mass, and Jane Curry, founder of Ventura Press, offer their expertise to novice publishers, divulging business strategy and key mission statements designed to aid in the growth of your press.

  • 11:30am

    • Performance SpaceFunding

      Sarah Jansen (chair), Guy Betts, Rick Chen

      Why publishers need funding and how to find it. Representatives of the Australia Council for the Arts and Pozible discuss lucrative ways to utilise funding for your press, including applying for grants, online advertising and community funding.

  • 12:15pm

    • Performance SpaceTreat Your Writers Right

      Lefa Singleton-Norton (chair), Mel Campbell, Bhakthi Puvanenthiran, Lisa Dempster

      Writers are gentle, fragile creatures, but they have a mind and ego of their own. Publications need writers. Writers need publishers. It’s a pure team effort that requires lots of encouragement, hand-holding and real-talk. This expert panel of speakers will discuss the importance of intellectual property, entitlement and rights. Or, why you should be good to your writers.

  • 1:00pm

    • Lunch

  • 1:30pm

    • Performance SpaceKeynote Address

      Karen Andrews

      Author, award-winning writer, poet, editor and publisher at Miscellaneous Press Karen Andrews will deliver our Fundamentals Day Keynote Address.

  • 2:00pm

    • Performance SpaceThe Worst Cover Ever Designed

      Mark Campbell

      Member of the Australian Book Designers Association, Mark Campbell has purposely designed the worst book cover art he possibly could for your edification.

  • 2:30pm

    • Performance SpacePromotion Basics

      Emma Noble, Adrian Briones

      Book publicist Emma Noble and designer/marketer Adrian Briones will discuss how to best promote your books to the people who don’t know they want them yet.

  • 3:00pm

    • Performance SpaceBook Launch Blueprint

      Dan Christie

      Co-Founder of the Rag and Bone Man Press, which publishes books for good and is well-known for its launch parties, will offer budding publishers a solid how-to guide for throwing fantastic launch events.

  • 3:30pm

    • Afternoon tea

  • 3:45pm

    • Performance SpaceFive Things I Wish I’d Known

      Blaise Van HeckeRachel Bin Salleh, Jane Curry, Carrick Wilkie, Sabita Naheswaran

      Speakers from the creative teams behind literary journals, independent presses, and other parts of the business will share invaluable advice that they wish they were given when they first started out. Keeping it real and gritty, these speakers will offer attendees a taste of the publishing world before they venture out to start their own press.

  • 4:30

    • Performance SpacePaper and Pixels

      Connor Tomas O’Brien, Claire Parnell

      Get advice on the different ways you can work with both digital and print platforms,  how to integrate both forms into your work, and how to distinguish which is the right format for your project.

  • 5:15pm

    • Performance SpaceWhat Booksellers and Librarians Want

      Tom Hoskins, Galina Marinov, Patricia Genat

      An information session from leading independent book sellers about the specific type of books sought after by book sellers and buyers, why they are popular with modern readers, and how to market your books in a way that optimises sales.

  • 6:00pm

    • Close